Wednesday, 24 June 2009

You Get What You Pay For

The idea for this one came to me around four o’clock on a sleepless night with the immortal words “Well, it’s not murder if they’re already dead”.
You Get What You Pay For
I open the door and the girl enters.
She is pale with long dark red hair. Can’t be a day over nineteen.
I close the door.
“I,” she starts but I wave my hand.
“Take your clothes off,” I command.
She removes her tank top and skirt as I slip off my belt.
“Lie down.”
She makes to but I quickly whip the belt around her slender neck and pull.
She thrashes but I don’t stop until she is still.

When I return from the bathroom, the girl is sitting up, belt still around her neck.
She smiles nervously and I throw the money at her.
She counts quickly then slowly looks up at me.
“Can,” she pauses and looks up at my wrist “Can I?”
Sighing, I pull up my sleeve and fall limply into the chair.
“Knock yourself out,” I mutter.
With a squeal the girl climbs off the bed.
She kisses the underside of my wrist and I feel it going numb.
Then she bites down into my flesh and begins to suckle.

I know I am wrong and twisted.
I know I shouldn’t get my thrills like this.
Might as well do it on someone who’s not going to complain.

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