Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Violet Fox

Hey folks. Long time eh. Miss me?
I have now signed onto the website Ficly but I am doing my usual fun commentary by reposting them here.
So here we go.
Story Uno.

I was browsing Facebook when I saw a girl named Violet Fox. “What a great name,” says I.
Then Tim made an ungodly noise, a scream like a pig in pain. This was clearly the creature’s call!
Thus was born the abomination known as only as “The Violet Fox”.
Tim has also written a story and forced me to make it as a drabble (100 word story).

The Violet Fox
The creature was of such beauty that my heart stopped for a few seconds.
I was in the woods hunting for deer, using a longbow. After hiding for hours I was shocked when the fox wandered up to me.
It was like a normal fox, small and bushy except for where it should have been red, it was a beautiful violet.
It opened its mouth and a high guttural shriek filled the forest. In my shock and terror I let my fingers go and an arrow pierced the creature’s skull.
I think it was for the best.

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