Monday, 12 July 2010

The Curse of Four

So last Wednesday, I was sat at my friend Milly’s while we watched ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ (It was on and it’s called being social? Human interaction?....I don’t know.) Anyway, I checked my Facebook on my phone to have this from Amy.
i think i need tom to tell me another bedtime story (:
And then she appealed to me in a way you can never refuse:

Kind sir, I would like to request, if you please, the honour of your storytelling skills upon my status, if you would be so kind it would indeed make this fair maiden very happy :)!

So I wrote the following on my Blackberry as Angelina Jolie shot people.
Once there was a wild dog who hated the spider god Annansi.
So he put a curse on the number four.
How and why he did this is frankly up for much debate. But do so he did.
So the dog got four pots and called to Annansi "How many pots do I have?"
The spider sat on one of the pots and thought deeply. "Friend Dog, there are one, two, three and the one I'm sitting on."... See more
The dog snorted in anger "Get off and count again."
So he did. "Now how many are there?"
"One, two, three and the one I was sat on."
Dog was fuming. "How. Many. Pots?" "Three and one other."
"NO!" screamed Dog "There are four."
And with that, he fell down dead. And the strange thing was that no one had told the Spider God of the curse. He was just a little annoying.
So how about that? That do?

Not too bad for what amounts to a long text.
Now WHY I told her this one is a good question.
I fear I don’t want her sleeping. Which means even more stories. Iz so smarts!
Other news, I have sent in the final first draft of my play. I can have my write my other scripts.
Might go for a swim.
Who knows?

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